Effective collaboration is the key to accelerate life sciences innovation

Reduce your drug development time and costs by up to 20% with HELIX, a collaboration platform purpose-built to address today’s life sciences challenges.

Quickly empower your team to collaborate through critical drug discovery, development, research, and compliance management at a fraction of the cost.

HELIX addresses the need for fast-moving pharmaceutical and biotech organization to collaborate on content and projects across a growing ecosystem of partners, suppliers, sponsors, contract organizations. HELIX provides a holistic, out-of-the-box solution that not only manages content and artifacts but also provides a platform for drug discovery, drug development, goal trackers, corporate and sales communication, as well as many other components critical to efficient pharmaceutical development.
As opposed to solutions such as BOX Life Sciences that require significant custom configuration to be useful, or Veeva that requires substantial upfront investment, HELIX represents a paradigm shift regarding time-to-implementation and considerable cost reduction.
Fast implementation has your team up and running in as little as a few days.

HELIX’s purpose-built for life sciences design approach, delivers out-of-the-box functionality for your teams to immediately leverage collaboration benefits, and reduce development friction throughout the project’s lifecycle.

HELIX works the way you already do with a seamless integration with Office 365

HELIX’s initial release provides accelerated and seamless implementation by leveraging Microsoft Office365’s platform infrastructure. By sitting on top of Office365, your team will operate in a known environment – allowing them to focus on critical development vs. platform issues.

Advanced life sciences/drug development collaboration – no ground-up development needed

HELIX offers over 20+ purpose-built to support drug development and discover agendas. Your HELIX consultant will assist you in identifying the needed components to establish a best-practice environment for your teams to thrive.

Personalized adoption services and process training

Leverage the HELIX Success Team to guide and train your team for optimum engagement and adoption. Our services are designed not only to increase adoption but to ensure your team experiences increased productivity, improved collaboration, and job satisfaction. In addition, we can align training to support any custom capabilities or workflows.


The HELIX Ecosystem – Built from the ground up for accelerated life sciences collaboration and drug discovery

HELIX represents a function-rich, and holistic life sciences collaboration ecosystem. It delivers the simultaneous benefit of fast implementation for your team, and the ability to rapidly expand its functions to match your future needs.

Services to ensure success at each stage

HELIX services represent your access to a comprehensive array of technical support and training professionals, all with the sole purpose of ensuring your success. Our services team follows a proven methodology of best drug development practices utilized by leading life sciences organizations.

We’ve been proud to serve the following clients with the various components and solutions now contained within HELIX.

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